On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics AGH-UST we invite all interested university students to

Nicolai Copernici International Students Contest
in mathematics.

The contest will take place on Wednesday November 15th 2017 at AGH-UST in Cracow (Poland), in the main hall of Centrum Dydaktyki AGH-UST, U2, Reymonta street 7.

All university students can take part (up to the 3rd year of PhD studies). Participation is free of charge.

The competition consists of two parts: individual and team contest for 4-person teams (teams should be registered before). Competitors in the individual part will be rewarded in three categoties: undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students.

In the individual part there will be five problems in the following areas: mathematical analysis (with topology and set theory), functional equations (including differential equations), algebra and combinatorics, geometry and linear algebra, probability theory. The team part will consist of ten tasks.

The competition official language is English.

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